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Installing Windows with a visit to your home, office in Minsk

Installing Windows on a PC

There are a number of situations in which the installation of Windows with a wizard visit to your home or office is the only correct solution. Typical axis problems for which a clean install of the operating system is usually necessary:

  • Windows has stopped loading or loading, but with errors or very slow.
  • During operation, Windows blue screens appear so-called. BSOD screens with various errors.
  • Open applications greatly slow down the operation of the computer as a whole, while the computer worked normally until a certain time.
  • OS Windows is old and has not been updated for a long time, some critical programs may not be installed or launched (errors Client-Bank; Electronic Declaration; entry to portals and sites is broken).
  • The personal computer is heavily infected with viruses and cleaning gives unstable results.
  • Linux (or another operating system) is installed on the computer and must be changed to Windows.
  • Carried out computer repair with the replacement of the motherboard, hard drive (SSD).
  • Upgrade your computer and change the Intel-> AMD platform or vice versa.

Be careful! These problems can ultimately lead to complete or partial loss of data on the computer. At amateur reinstallation of Windows, irreversible loss of files and folders on the hard disk is possible.

Installing Windows | Prices

Cash and non-cash payment methods are possible. When ordering from the site discount 10%

Service Price, BYN
Windows 10 installation + software package + antivirus + Wi-Fi setup30 rubles
Windows 8.1 installation + software package + antivirus + Wi-Fi setup30 rubles
Windows 7 installation + software package + antivirus + Wi-Fi setup30 rubles

Installing Windows plus programs for a computer, laptop

The service for installing the operating system includes not only the basic set, which consists of Windows OS and built-in utilities. Our wizard will install all the necessary software for your computer or laptop. All programs are time-tested, updated and stable.

system windows
  • Direct installation of the operating system of the family Microsoft Windows OS - 32-64bit from Windows XP, 7, 8.1, 10 to Windows Server 2010.
  • Drivers for all devices of a computer, laptop. Our specialist will check and install all the necessary device drivers that are on your device.
  • MS Office software package (trial or permanent) that best suits your current tasks and budget. The office suite of your choice: Microsoft Office, LibreOffice or OpenOffice.
  • Internet browsers (Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc.), instant messengers (Telegram, Viber), programs for social networks.
  • Programs and system utilities for working with the system.
  • Antivirus with an impeccable reputation to choose from.

Upon request, we will install any software for work or leisure. It should be borne in mind that many programs have limitations for free use.

Advantages of installing and configuring Windows when ordering from our service

Installation and configuration of the system by our master compares favorably with the amateur installation

  1. Free operational visit of a professional master in Minsk within one to two hours.
  2. Customized software selection. The wizard will select the Windows system that will be optimal for your PC and its hardware. It can be reliable Windows 7; modern and original Windows 8.1; or more modern - Windows 10.
  3. We will install and configure language packs: English, Polish, French versions of Windows OS for you.
  4. Stable official images of 32bit or 64bit is a matter of customer preferences and the requirements of the installed software.
  5. 100% preservation of files and photos when reinstalling Windows and formatting partitions.
  6. Installing Windows with a guarantee and documentary evidence of the fact of work.
  7. Reasonable price for a set of work on setting up a computer. We announce the final cost before ordering the service.
  8. Order a master's visit to your home or bring a stationary PC or laptop to our service yourself. We will be happy to help.