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The laptop makes a lot of noise. What to do?

Reasons and methods of eliminating the noise of the laptop cooling system

Очень часто, после нескольких лет усиленной эксплуатации любой ноутбук начинает достаточно сильно шуметь, шуметь причём практически сразу после включения. Эта ситуация очень распространена и почти каждый владелец ноутбука, так или иначе сталкивался с ней. Если не сталкивался пока – столкнётся обязательно.


The fact is that the laptop's cooling system is designed in such a way that the processor and the laptop's chipset are cooled by convection through copper heat-conducting pipes, on which a finned copper or aluminum radiator is attached. Which, in turn, is cooled by air blown through it from the surrounding space. In turn, colder air is forced into the laptop case by a turbine-fan.

The system is designed in such a way that the more the processor heats up, the more the fan rotates, the louder the laptop makes, creating additional air flow for blowing.


Поэтому если по какой- то причине ухудшается конвекция на любом из этапов, тем сильнее пытается устройство компенсировать повышение температуры через увеличение оборотов турбины. Отсюда и сильный шум – laptop fan makes a lot of noise.

And yet, why can the convection of heat in the laptop cooling system deteriorate? The point is that for effective heat transfer, a number of conditions must be met.

The laptop makes a lot of noise, which should be checked

Let's go through the list and check all the components of the cooling system.

  1. Serviceability of the cooler of the laptop cooling system.
  2. The presence of thermal paste at the contact points of the processor (chipset) surfaces and the heel of the cooler.
  3. No foreign objects (hair, crumbs) and dust in the heat exchanger system.
  4. Is there a gap between the heel of the heat dissipation system and the processor crystal (video card chip), are the thermal pads worn out?
  5. Is the copper heat pipe of the cooling system in good condition?
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These conditions are very important for the reliable operation of the laptop, and, at the same time, it is not always possible to monitor the performance of the cooling system and the condition of individual components. The cooler can jam and stop rotating, thermal paste spreads and dries out over time, the edges of the heat exchanger become clogged with dust and felt.

therefore cleaning laptop from dust, replacement of thermally conductive paste and subsequent diagnostics of the effectiveness of the work done is a necessary service for each device.
Проводить такую профилактическую чистку лэптопа от пыли необходимо сразу же, как только ноутбук начал ощутимо греться и шуметь (либо стал очень тихо работать и при этом тормозить или периодически выключаться), иначе могут быть плачевные последствия – перегрев и последующий дорогостоящий ремонт материнской платы ноутбука.

You can order all types of the above listed works by contacting our service center. You will be provided with professional computer assistance, repair and service of the laptop at home or in the service, depending on the complexity of the latter.