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Professional Wi-Fi setup in Minsk

We set up Wi-Fi for home or office with the departure of a professional administrator in Minsk and Minsk region

Setting up Wi-Fi in Minsk

We will connect, configure any type of wireless Wi-Fi devices with a visit to your home or office within a few hours.

We are absolutely sure that we will cope with any, even complex problems when working with network devices, so our customer only pays for a positive result.

Those. we guarantee correct connection and configuration of any Wi-Fi devices.

The service for setting up Wi-Fi devices for home and office can be paid both in cash and by non-cash payment according to the certificate of completion.

Features of Wi-Fi networks in Belarus

Most often in Belarus, Wi-Fi-based wireless networks are used in buildings: at home and in the office. There is a reason for this.

The fact is that in Minsk there is a special state commission on (SCRF) and the use of powerful sources of Wi-Fi outside the premises requires registration and licensing.

Wi-Fi in buildings does not require registration. Therefore, the country's leading providers: Velcom, MTS, Beltelecom use a low-power integrated Wi-Fi module for home use in modems issued for unlimited lease to their customers.

This is both good and bad. Everyone can use the router as they like, at the same time sometimes you have to deal with self-configuring Wi-Fi. Since no one is immune from failures and breakdowns.

There is enough information on the Internet for self-configuration. But the practical application of complex manuals is not always within the power of a simple user.

Professional Wi-Fi setup: saving time and knowingly positive results

The initial configuration of Wi-Fi routers is usually done by the provider's wizard. But when connecting additional devices for signal amplification and relaying, certain problems may arise. This is where the help of a professional master is needed.

Therefore, we suggest using the services of specialists and inviting our wizard to set up a wireless Wi-Fi connection.

If you do not have time to deal with IP-addresses, TCP / IP-protocols, gateways, DHCP servers and others - the "Professional Wi-Fi setup" service is for you.

Setting up a Wi-Fi router causes difficulties? The most sensible solution would be to contact a specialist!