Subscriber service of computers in Minsk

We provide customer service for computers in the city of Minsk

Computer subscription service

Today it is difficult to imagine a company where the production of goods or services is carried out without the participation of computer equipment, complex software and communications carried out through access to the global network. As a rule, all components of such an IT structure are reliable and can work without the participation of a specialist for a long time. At the same time, erroneous actions of any of the network participants can lead to equipment failures and errors in work not only at one workplace. Thus, the threat of stoppage of the production process can hang over the entire enterprise.

To avoid such troubles, responsible managers hire experienced system administrators for permanent work or conclude contracts for subscription services for computers. Computer subscription service in many cases the preferred option for preventing and solving IT problems.

Of the advantages of working under a subscription service agreement for computer equipment and peripherals, it can be noted:

  • low costs of maintaining the computer infrastructure. The conclusion of a contract for the maintenance of computers has the nature of work "on demand". With careful use, monthly payments for the company's services for the maintenance and repair of PCs can be reduced to amounts that are practically invisible to the enterprise;
  • high level of professionalism and competence. The specialists of our company have to solve complex problems every day, so system engineers our company ready for literally anything. At the same time, the hired specialist, for verification, may turn out to be an amateur and "fill up" the work;
  • solving a wide range of tasks: from installing Windows to complex laptop repair. Setting up a network environment, installing Windows and Linux server operating systems and setting them up, working with accounting software 1C: Accounting, Client-Bank, Electronic declaration, setting up peripheral equipment, repairing laptops and computers for cashless payments - all these services can be provided in long-term service and completed as soon as possible;
  • responsibility, efficiency and guarantee for all services. Our company has been providing services for the subscription repair of computers and laptops since 2012. During this time, through trial and error, a huge experience in the field of IT was accumulated, the work of delivering damaged devices to the service was optimized, the staff of system administrators was expanded and trained, the work of the quality control service was adjusted - the company's indicators began to meet the highest client requirements.