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Artifacts on a laptop screen

What kind of breakdowns can cause artifacts on the laptop screen. Diagnostics. What to do?


There are frequent cases when various extraneous graphic inclusions begin to appear on the laptop monitor. These are the so-called graphic artifacts: lines, cubes, snowflakes. They appear suddenly and represent a serious breakdown.
Moreover, artifacts can appear and disappear, have a different color and shape.

Устранить такую поломку “малой кровью”, чаще всего, не получается. В самых тяжёлых случаях это говорит о том, что вышел из строя чип видеокарты ноутбука. Для надёжного устранения проблемы придётся выпаивать испорченный чип и устанавливать новый.


There is another breakdown in which artifacts can appear. This is not even a breakdown, but the state from which to get a laptop, a computer, is quite simple. This is a problem with the RAM of your computer or laptop. The solution to this problem is simple: you need to clean the contacts on the RAM, or replace it.

What can cause artifacts to appear on the laptop screen?

Чаще всего к данной поломке приводит постоянный перегрев видеокарты или чипсета материнской платы ноутбука. Плохое охлаждение и много пыли в кулере приводит к повышению температуры всей охлаждающей системы и элементов под ней. Чип постоянно греется до 90 – 100 градусов и постепенно выходит из строя. Насколько быстро произойдет поломка зависит от многих факторов.

Where is the artifact problem localized?

What matters is how the graphics system is implemented. If the graphics are discrete and the video card is taken out on a separate board, then they are looking for a breakdown in a discrete video card.

If the video card is built-in, then the breakdown may lie in a separate chip on the motherboard.

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Also, the video card can be located in the north bridge, or in general in the processor. The latter option is increasingly found in modern low-cost laptops.

Prevention of overheating and chipset failure

To prevent this phenomenon, it is necessary to carry out preventive cleaning the laptop from dust and replacing thermal paste не реже одного раза в 1,5 – 2 года.

To make sure your laptop is not overheating, you can run a laptop video test program called Furmark.

Using this utility, you can check the operating temperatures of a laptop video card under load, thereby preventing overheating and failure of expensive components, the formation of artifacts, and so on.
How artifacts might look on a laptop or computer screen can be seen in the picture below.

Обратите внимание, что могут быть любые вариации изображений и цветов (чёрные и цветные), при этом диагноз чаще всего останется тем же – неисправный чип видеокарты.

Artifacts are also found on stationary computers. at the same time, the restoration of working capacity in this case is faster and somewhat cheaper. In this case, equipment repair is usually not performed. Modular replacement of a desktop PC video card or replacement of the computer motherboard will drastically eliminate the problem and will cost less than repairs.

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