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Service prices and services

List of basic services and prices of the F6.by service

For all services computer service F6.by предусмотрена гарантия. При повторном обращении – скидка 15%.

ServicePrice, BYN
Repair and setup of computer or laptop software. 
Install Windows operating system XP, 7, 8 with the departure of the master25
Install the operating system Windows XP, 7, 8 in the workshop.20
Install Windows XP, 7, 8, 10 operating system without DVD drive for any type of device.25
Install drivers for laptop, netbook, computer after installing the OS.is free
Installation of the Office package, graphic editors and other special programs.5
Install a free antivirus (Avast, Avira, AVG, Comodo) with a license for a year (license renewal is available).is free
Restore and configure 1C accounting (7.7, 8). Please note: we do not install pirated software versions. Installing your licensed software after a Windows crash, hard drive failure, restoring the network version.10
Cleaning the system from viruses and errors.10
Setting up a home (office) wired Lan network, setting up a VPN with an onsite wizard.25
Setting up a wireless Wi-Fi access point with the exit of the wizard.25
Recover data, files, folders, hard disk partitions. Up to 1 GBfrom 10
Работа мастера за безналичный расчёт в условиях офиса с выездом. Работа с бухгалтерским, юридическим, специальным профессиональным ПО – восстановление, настройка, подготовка к работе. Час работы мастера.from 10
Transferring data from one drive to another, taking into account the volume. Up to 3 Gb.is free
Expanding logical drives (increasing the C: drive when there is not enough space on it).is free
Providing technical support by phone during business hours.is free
Providing technical support remotely using TeamViewer remote access programs.is free
Laptop component repair, stationary computer. 
Replacing the LCD matrix (screen) of a laptop 15.6 '(* - excluding the cost of components).25
Replacement LCD matrix (screen) laptop 17.0 '(*).25
Replacing the hard drive with Windows installation for a computer (*).30
Replacing the hard drive with the Windows OS installation for a laptop (*).30
Replacing the computer motherboard (*).35
Laptop motherboard repair.from 55
Restoring the power supply. Replacement of elements, plugs, cords.20
Replacement of the north bridge (video chip) (*).from 150
Cleaning the laptop from dust and replacing thermal paste with a master's visit to the house.30
Testing of components and assemblies.10
Diagnostics with a visit to the house. Please note: diagnostics are free of charge for subsequent repairs.20
Prices for the repair of computers and laptops in Minsk.

Стоимость каждой последующей услуги рассчитывается со скидкой 50%. Прекрасный способ сэкономить – заказать 2 и более услуги сразу. Также просим обратить внимание, что некоторые указанные услуги являются комплексными. Цена комплекса услуг будет высчитываться несколько иначе, чем сумма составляющих. Как правило, конечная цена для пользователя будет значительно ниже. Для уточнения стоимости ремонта обращайтесь пожалуйста к нашему представителю по телефонам, указанным на сайте.