Computer repair on the 2nd Bicycle Lane in Minsk

We provide services for the repair of computers, laptops, setting up tablets, running Windows, Android, with a visit to the customer in the city of Minsk

Repair of computers and laptops 2nd Bicycle Lane, all repairs are carried out at the address of the customer's residence. Departure is carried out throughout the Leninsky district of Minsk, including the 2nd Bicycle lane with houses: 1, 2 / A, 3, 4 / A, 5, 6, 9, 10, 30, 30 / A, 32, 32 / A, 34 , 36.

F6.BY is a computer company that offers an integrated approach and high-quality PC repair from start to finish at the customer's home:

Computer diagnostics at home. Our masters have sufficient experience in carrying out complete and accurate diagnostics without taking the equipment for service. Our masters bring all the equipment necessary for correct diagnostics with them.

Software repair and OS installation. Technological developments, in the form of operational deployment-Windows 8 installations, 7, Xp, Linux, Android and related software at home, allow you to carry out comprehensive software repairs and customization of your PC in minutes with a one-month warranty at an affordable price.

Hardware repair with an engineer on-site in the city of Minsk. Any type of complex modular repair is carried out by the employees of our company within one day, maximum of one day. Diagnostics, and then an inexpensive turnkey computer repair, is always performed at home and always until a positive result is obtained. The customer pays only for the presence of the result in the form of a stable working personal computer.

Setting up the Internet of all Belarusian providers, wireless modems of any manufacturers TP-LINK, D-LINK and others, any network nodes and communications of the most complex topology. Does the Internet work poorly, does the ADSL modem distribute Wi-Fi incorrectly, constant network failures and other troubles? System administrators of the F6.BY service solve any, even the most non-standard, problems.

Urgent computer assistance and upgrade. Spontaneous and permanent failures of the operating system, freezes and slow computer operation, viruses and software errors - all this can be solved within the framework of urgent emergency computer assistance in Minsk, provided by our employees on the road every day. In the process of restoring the stable operation of the PC, the wizard will conduct a performance audit, identify components that reduce the speed of work and offer options for upgrading to increase the comfortable work at the computer.