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The laptop is very hot

The main reasons for laptop overheating. Potential consequences of inaction. How to fix laptop overheating?

The laptop is very hot and noisy! – такое описание работы ноутбука приходится довольно часто слышать нашим мастерам.


Objectively, the situation looks like this: after 20-30 minutes of operation, the laptop starts to make a lot of noise and heat. The situation is quite typical, fraught with serious consequences for a laptop, was previously considered here: why it can be make noise laptop fan.

There are several reasons for such excessive noise of the cooler as a result of poor performance of the cooling system.


The laptop is overheating most often as a result of:

  1. a gradual decrease in the efficiency of the cooling system, during the operation of the laptop, due to a constructive flaw in the device;
  2. затруднении охлаждения из-за ухудшения вентиляции в корпусе ноутбука. Чаще всего – это банальное засорение выпускных дюз радиатора системы охлаждения. Как результат, плохая рециркуляция воздуха и невозможность радиатора отдавать тепло в окружающую среду. Это наиболее частая причина и распространённая причина перегрева;
  3. malfunctions of the cooling system due to wear of the cooler, drying of thermal paste, destruction of heat-conducting gaskets;
  4. with repeated overheating of the laptop's central processor. Some types of processors, once exposed to prolonged overheating, begin to overheat and show signs of overheating all the time.
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Considering that overheating can most often be eliminated by cleaning the laptop from dust and replacing thermal paste, as well as testing and checking related factors, it is most logical to contact the user in case of a problem in a specialized service for preventive cleaning laptop from dust, replacement of thermal pads and thermal paste, possible replacement of a laptop cooler.

It must be remembered that ignoring the overheating of the device will most likely lead to a rather serious damage to the motherboard. Subsequent repairs can be quite expensive for the owner in relation to the cost of a preventive dust cleaning procedure!