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Laptop repair at home in Minsk

Repair of laptops at home in Minsk. Installing software. Diagnostics

We will make prompt high-quality laptop repair at home. Professional diagnostics. Installing and configuring software

Obviously, most complex laptop repairs are carried out in a stationary workshop using special equipment by experienced electronic engineers.

Nevertheless, restoring the laptop to work is possible, in some cases, and at home. In this case, there is no need to take the device to the service - the master will carry out all the work on site. There are also some restrictions for this type of service.

Laptop repair at home is carried out in the following cases:

  1. The operating system crashed. It is necessary install windows or another operating system from scratch;
  2. The DVD drive has stopped playing discs. You can quickly fix this problem in the operation of a DVD drive with a master visit to your home. It should be noted that the repair of modules of this type is not economically justified, therefore, during the repair, a new drive is most often installed instead of the old damaged one;
  3. The laptop matrix is broken. It is possible to replace the standard laptop matrix without transporting the device to the service - this will significantly save time. There is an exception - rare matrices, as well as matrices of premium segment laptops, change only in a workshop;
  4. The hard disk drive (HDD) is out of order. You can replace the hard drive HDD with delivery and installation. The complex of works includes: disassembling the device with removing the old hard drive, installing a new one, then installing Windows, setting up software and installing drivers. It is possible to install an antivirus program, Office 2007, 2010, (your choice is Open Office) and so on;
  5. The laptop does not turn on - the power supply unit may be damaged. To fix the breakdown of the laptop power supply, you may have to contact the service. In some cases, it is more advisable to replace the laptop power supply. Possible operations: repair, delivery, replacement with an analog;
  6. A laptop or computer needs an increase in RAM, a processor replacement, or something else. You can increase the power of your laptop and make an upgrade at home. Most often this is the installation of an additional RAM (RAM) strap, expansion of disk space (HDD -> SSD), replacement of the processor, etc.;
Repair of laptops in Minsk with the visit of the master to the house

One way or another, not in all cases laptop repair at home available. At the same time, the whole range of services provided to our clients includes a full service guarantee and protection against data loss, 100% high-quality work performance and quick results.

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