Laptop repair in Minsk

We will carry out professional repair and adjustment of a laptop in the workshop of our company. We carry out a wide range of work on the repair and restoration of laptop motherboards: replacement of the chipset, chip components, video cards, DVI, USB connectors

Our workshop carries out turnkey repair of laptops in Minsk in the shortest possible time at an affordable price. The engineers of our workshop will help to eliminate even complex breakdowns in which the laptop may not turn on, not start, turn on, work slowly, with constant errors, etc. We will also carry out the whole range of repair and maintenance work in case of overheating and freezing of the laptop under load.

The main list of laptop repair work in our workshop:

  • Prompt diagnostics of a laptop in our laptop service;
  • Comprehensive repair of the laptop motherboard;
  • Re-soldering the chipset: north, south bridge;
  • Replacing the laptop power connector;
  • Replacing the headphone jack;
  • Repair and replacement of the screen matrix;
  • Restoration of the keyboard, case elements, washing the motherboard from the consequences of flooding;
  • Diagnostics and replacement of the hard drive (hard disk), DVD, power supply;
  • Cleaning the laptop from dust and replacing thermal paste to eliminate overheating;
  • Installing Windows, software, antiviruses with a visit of the company's master to the house.

Repair of laptops of all world brands

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As an additional service, we offer courier delivery of a laptop for diagnostics and subsequent repairs within the city of Minsk.

We repair laptops in Minsk

Typical laptop malfunctions when entering service:

  1. No image on the screen - the laptop is on (black laptop screen during boot). Such a breakdown may be the result of several reasons: failure of a video card, chipset (north and south bridge) of a laptop, a broken matrix cable, damage to the bios of the motherboard, etc. More detailed diagnostics are needed for an accurate determination. Diagnostics in our service is free! It is possible for a courier to leave with documents to any area of the city of Minsk.
  2. The laptop does not turn on - there are no sounds typical of the turned on device. In this case, there may be a problem with the power controllers, charger, power socket, sometimes the chipset.
  3. There is a problem with the image or matrix of the laptop. The source of the problem, as a rule, is mechanical damage to the matrix, failure of the inverter, backlight lamps, and loop. Possible failure of the video forming device - video card.
  4. The keyboard is out of order. Flooded, damaged mechanically, or simply stopped working. Replacing the keyboard will fix this problem radically. In case of replacement, a warranty of up to one year is provided. It is possible for the master to leave for replacement at home.
  5. The power socket is loose or broken. Usually, you just need to replace the power supply input socket with a completely new one.
  6. The laptop was covered with liquid. The consequences of flooding a laptop can be very different: oxide on conductive paths, chipset burnout, short circuit, failure of components and modules. Thus, repairs can be both quite simple and inexpensive, and quite complex, with washing the motherboard and re-soldering the bridges.
  7. Overheating of the laptop and spontaneous shutdowns during operation. These "things" can happen to a laptop as a consequence of each other, or independently of each other. In turn, frequent shutdowns can lead to more complex breakdowns. The solution to the problem is quite simple: to carry out high-quality cleaning and replacement of thermal paste. In the future, monitor the temperature and take preventive measures in time.
  8. The Windows operating system does not load. A fairly common problem. Installing an OS on a laptop is not difficult - it is more difficult to restore the functionality of all applications and save data.

Laptop repair in Minsk in our service - a guarantee of reliable and long-term operation of your laptop.