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Laptop keyboard repair in Minsk

We repair and replace the keyboard on a laptop at an affordable price within a few hours. Departure of the master or home delivery is possible

Laptop keyboard repair. Laptop keyboard. Top view and bottom view

The keyboard is the part of the laptop that most often needs to be repaired. There are several reasons why your laptop keyboard may stop working. The most common breakdown factor is the panel being flooded with liquids. In some cases, repairs may not be possible.

It is not recommended to try to fix the damage yourself. It is best to entrust this work to professionals who can quickly identify the cause.

We provide a wide range of repair services at affordable prices. We can repair a laptop keyboard quickly and efficiently.

Laptop keyboard Repair

After the diagnostics, the specialist issues an invoice to the customer for equipment repair or replacement. Our repair work involves partial or complete disassembly of the laptop and the installation of a new keyboard or touchpads.

All the necessary elements are always in stock, so repairs are made as soon as possible. We provide all documents and receipts for the services performed and warranty coupons.

If you identify the first signs of a keyboard breakdown, you should immediately contact a specialist. The sooner the client does this, the higher the chances that the renovation will be successful.

Replacing the keyboard on a laptop

In cases where the keyboard on a laptop stops working and repair is not possible, then the only solution to this problem is to replace the keyboard.

The decision to replace, as a rule, is made after the diagnostics of the equipment. This procedure is carried out in the following situations:

1. Spilled liquid on the panel. Many people prefer to spend time at the computer, combining it with drinking tea or drinking other liquids.
2. Breakage due to strong impact. Such cases can occur if the laptop is dropped or heavy objects fall on its keys.
3. Clogged device. Eating at the laptop will clog up the keys, and as a result, the device may stop working.
4. Sticking or dropping of some keys.
5. Erasing the inscriptions on the keyboard during prolonged use.
If you need to make a replacement, then you need to contact a specialized service center. The company's specialists will diagnose the device free of charge and will announce what activities need to be performed.

We provide clients with laptop keyboard replacement service. Employees will promptly and quality replace the keyboard, taking into account the characteristics of the device.

The process itself is carried out in a certain sequence:

  1. First, the case is disassembled.
  2. Then - installation of a new keyboard.
  3. At the end, the assembly is carried out to the initial version of the device.

Payment for the work done is made after the client accepts the laptop. In order for it to continue to function as before, the replacement of the keyboard should be entrusted to professionals. If you try to make a replacement or repair yourself, there is a risk of irreparably damaging your laptop. Then the owner will have to buy new equipment.

Laptop keyboard repair. Prices in Minsk

ServicePrice, BYN
Acer laptop keyboard replacementfrom 32
Asus laptop keyboard replacementfrom 30
Dell laptop keyboard replacementfrom 33
Lenovo laptop keyboard replacementfrom 27
Replacing MSI Laptop Keyboardfrom 38
HP Laptop Keyboard Replacementfrom 32
Samsung laptop keyboard replacementfrom 27

Repairing a laptop keyboard is usually cheaper at a price, as the technician will try to fix the old keyboard. At the same time, you probably won't have to buy it entirely.

Benefits of ordering a keyboard repair

In addition, cooperation with us assumes the following advantages:

  • Free diagnostics.
  • Coordination of the cost of repairs with the customer.
  • Complete confidentiality.
  • Qualified specialists.
  • Prompt visit of a specialist to the specified address.
  • Provision of a guarantee for repair work.
  • Use of original and tested components and parts.
  • During the repair, specialized equipment is used.
  • We carry out repair of any brands of devices.