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Diagnostics of a laptop in Minsk

We will carry out professional diagnostics of laptop malfunctions in the workshop in a short time with a guarantee

Diagnostics of a laptop in Minsk

Laptop diagnostics is the first mandatory step in a professional laptop repair. The purpose of diagnostics is to identify malfunctions for their subsequent elimination. The quality of the diagnostics performed directly affects the subsequent repair and its final cost. The more accurately the diagnosis is carried out, the faster and cheaper the subsequent laptop repair.

Laptop diagnostics can be roughly divided into:

  • Modular diagnostics.
  • Component diagnostics.

Modular diagnostics. A simple and quick way to determine a breakdown. Limited to finding a breakdown at the module (spare part) level. With the help of known working modules of the device, the faulty one is searched for, followed by its replacement. This type of diagnosis is carried out very quickly with high accuracy. Approximate readiness time in our workshop up to 3 hours including subsequent repairs. The warranty is issued for a new module from 6 months. The main modules of the laptop: motherboard; Power Supply; CPU; RAM; hard disk memory; the matrix; keyboard; Wi-Fi module and others.

Component diagnostics. More time consuming and requiring much greater professional knowledge on the part of the master engineer diagnostics. With the help of this diagnostics, the wizard looks for a breakdown in the module itself (spare parts) at the level of components (electronic elements), most often the laptop motherboard. I use this type of problem search, as a rule, when it is impossible to replace the entire module, or the replacement is too expensive. Subsequent repairs are carried out by soldering, dismantling-mounting, a failed element. The warranty is issued for the repaired module, taking into account its initial reliability - from 2 weeks to 6 months.

Diagnostics of the laptop during subsequent repairs in our workshop is free of charge. In case of refusal to repair, the customer must pay for the work of assembling and disassembling the laptop by the master.

Diagnostics of the laptop. Price without subsequent repair

ServicePrice, BYN
Laptop Diagnostics0 rub
Diagnostics of the laptop in case of refusal of subsequent repair15 rbl

The main types of modular and component laptop diagnostics

Laptop motherboard diagnostics

Laptop motherboard diagnostics is one of the most difficult types of diagnostics. The motherboard of a laptop is the most difficult part and is most often exposed to damaging factors: overheating; short circuit. Also, the motherboard is most often exposed to mechanical damage: flooding with liquid due to being under the keyboard; the appearance of cracks.

Diagnostics of the laptop video card

A laptop video adapter can be structurally made in the form of: a chip soldered on the motherboard, or a discrete device connected through a special connector or other interface of the motherboard.

Diagnostics of the video card consists in checking the performance of the video adapter in a stationary workshop. Diagnostics of the laptop video card with a visit to the client's home is not performed.

Diagnostics of the efficiency of the cooling system

The laptop cooling system is the most important part of the device, which is responsible for removing excess heat from the main parts of the laptop. Efficient operation of the cooling system is the key to reliable and long-term operation without breakdowns of any powerful digital device. When diagnosing a system of coolers, the master conducts a test and evaluates their condition. Then a recommendation for further maintenance is issued: cleaning the laptop, replacing the cooler, replacing the thermal paste and thermal pads.

Battery diagnostics

If the laptop malfunctions from the battery, it becomes necessary to assess its condition and resolve the issue with a replacement. At the same time, the answers to questions about the operation of a laptop from a battery may not be so unambiguous.

Order laptop diagnostics in our service - we will do it efficiently and on time.