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Which matrix to choose when buying a laptop

There are several factors to consider when buying a laptop. In particular, it is necessary to pay great attention to the choice of the matrix. If the display is selected incorrectly, then it will be inconvenient to work with a laptop.

The eyes will quickly get tired - the user will feel discomfort. This will interfere with working on a laptop, spoil the pleasure of watching movies.

As for gamers, play on the bad LCD display it is generally not recommended, as the eyes will be strained, which will lead to the development of ophthalmic diseases.

Therefore, it is recommended to buy a laptop that is more expensive, but with an optimal display, which guarantees comfortable work even for people with vision problems.

Display types: glossy and matte matrix

The display, which has a glossy finish, has a special light filter and is distinguished by an image with high contrast and bright colors. It is a good choice for those interested in multimedia and games.

But in a brightly lit room on such a laptop you can feel discomfort - the glossy finish reflects the sun's rays. Therefore, in such cases, we recommend buying a monitor with an anti-reflective coating. The so-called matte-coated matrix will do.

The matte finish reduces color rendering, but objects on the screen become less "eye-burning" - the sharpness is reduced, the corners are perceived more rounded.

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The matte display is easy to work with for many hours without interruption and there is almost no eye strain.

Which matrix to choose: TN + Film or IPS

You should also pay attention to the type of matrix, which also affects the characteristics of the screen. Most laptops today are equipped with two types of matrix:

  • Technology TN + Film... This type of matrix is used in inexpensive laptops, but at the same time it has good characteristics.
  • Technology IPS... Thanks to this technology, the crystals are evenly distributed over the display area, while they are as precisely parallel to each other as possible.

If we take such a characteristic as color depth, then the TN + Film matrix wins. But if you need a wider viewing angle and high contrast, then the IPS matrix wins noticeably in this matter.


Based on the above, it is obvious that for work, it is better to choose a laptop with an IPS matrix and matte finish. High contrast, wide viewing angle and no glare allow you to work on such a laptop without eye fatigue.

For gamers, the best option would be a combination of TN + Film matrix and glossy finish... High color reproduction and good color depth guarantee a lot of PC gaming enjoyment.