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5 important things about laptop battery

What should every laptop user know about the battery?

The electric battery, as a reusable current source, is one of the great inventions of mankind, it allowed electronics to "find" freedom from the socket. But this freedom is limited by the capacity of the battery on the one hand, and the gluttony of the device itself - on the other.

1. The battery has a "memory effect"

"Memory effect" common to almost all types of batteries. But in older models, released before 2009, it manifests itself more strongly. This effect consists in the fact that if you do not fully charge the battery, then the next time it is more difficult for it to reach its maximum capacity. As the battery ages, this effect becomes more noticeable.
We are not calling for paranoid battery monitoring. Just charge it fully once a month or every two weeks and completely drain its charge. Windows will not let you go below 5%, so we will take this figure as "zero".

2. The battery will age and lose capacity


Over time, the battery stops reaching its maximum capacity. This does not happen very quickly, but if you compare the life time of a laptop today and a year ago, the difference will be noticeable, measured in tens of minutes. This cannot be avoided, but it is important to determine the moment of replacement in time, before the laptop turns into a desktop computer.
There are a number of completely free utilities that will allow you to find out how far the battery has gone from its calculated capacity. Charge it one hundred percent, and then run such a program. For example Battery Eater. If the real capacity is less than the calculated percentage by 10, then the situation does not require your intervention. Replacement is required in the area of 50% of the design capacity.
Windows users can also use the standard powercfg utility. Select Run and run the cmd program. The command line mode will open. Now run the program with the key: powercfg / energy and wait 60 seconds.

The generated powercfg report will be placed in the system directory, like C: \ Windows \ System32. Open the usual Explorer, find this folder and copy the energy-report.html file from it to the Desktop.
In the report, we are interested in the battery status section.
Attention! To perform these steps, you need administrator rights.

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3. The biggest threat to the battery is wireless networks

Using BlueTooth or Wi-Fi will drastically reduce your laptop's battery life, so find out right away where your device's wireless interfaces are turned off. This will save up to 1.5 hours of autonomy.
Typically, a laptop has a dedicated key or physical switch that is responsible for Wi-Fi. But you may not be able to turn off BlueTooth with one button. But on a Windows 8 laptop, you can turn on airplane mode. It disables all wireless interfaces at once. This is done through the parameters of the computer.

4. The capacity of the standard battery is not the limit!

If you are sorely lacking the capacity of your standard battery, then try to find an alternative suitable for your model, with a higher capacity. For individual Toshiba laptops, for example, you can find as many as three battery options with different capacities.
However, even if it was not possible to find such a battery, then you can simply buy another regular one. Before a business trip or leaving the city, charge them both and take the spare with you. When the first ends, turn on the second.
And if you don't want to mess around with unfastening batteries from your laptop, you can purchase an external battery. Just make sure it fits into your laptop's power connector.

5. Observe the temperature regime of the battery

In general, the working temperature, according to the engineers, is from 5 to 45 degrees. But the range of comfortable temperatures for the battery is narrower: from 15 to 25 degrees.
Therefore, for efficient operation of the battery, be sure to provide air access to it, especially when charging. And if you brought your laptop into a warm room from the cold, then let it warm up for at least 30 minutes.
Thus, it takes a little of your attention to keep your battery running efficiently and for a long time. "Train" him, try not to work all the time from the outlet. Do not allow it to overheat and operate in low temperatures.
If for some reason the battery suddenly stops holding charging, then it is possible that your laptop has a problem with the charging controller. Before buying a new battery, it's best to diagnose the laptop... This simple procedure will avoid unnecessary expenses.