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Computer repair at home or in the workshop. How to do it better, cheaper and faster?

We produce Computer Repair both in the workshop of our company and at the client's home.

With ordinary types of PC repair at home, the master performs all the work at once, if the replacement of rare computer components is not required.

When replacing components, as a rule, a specialist has to come twice: the first time for free diagnostics; a second time to install parts, make final adjustments and check.

Our masters try to make home (office) visits as efficient as possible - to do all the work efficiently, quickly and immediately. After all, our clients pay only for the positive result of their work.

When is computer diagnostics free?

In our service computer diagnostics or laptop is free for subsequent repairs. This also applies laptop diagnostics at home at the customer, computer and other devices, diagnostics of which are carried out with the visit of the master.

Diagnostics must be paid in order to find out exactly the cause of the breakdown without its subsequent elimination by our specialist.

In this case, the time spent and the work done by our masters, as well as travel around Minsk, must be compensated. We, in turn, guarantee that the service will be carried out efficiently and on time - otherwise the money will be returned to the client unconditionally.

How quickly can you repair your computer?

Departure to the customer in Minsk is carried out by the master within half an hour or an hour. "Turnkey" computer repair of any complexity is carried out within one working day.

The customer has the right to postpone the application at a convenient time for him the next day during working hours, or ask for the provision of services for setting up a computer in the late evening. As a rule, we are happy to help our clients save valuable time and provide computer services by mutual agreement.

How to place an order and call a repairman at home

After calling our service and placing an order, the foreman with all the necessary equipment for conducting accurate diagnostics goes to the place of the breakdown.

As a rule, our masters have with them a post code card, RAM, a new power supply, bootable diagnostic flash drives with special software, disks and USB drives to save user data.
This set of essential equipment, coupled with the experience and skills of everyday work, ensures that the problem is accurately identified and the optimal way to solve it is found when re-leaving, if the problem cannot be solved the first time.

The cost of computer repair depends on the nature of the breakdown. By phone, at the first call, sometimes it is impossible to determine the full cost of the repair.

After carrying out diagnostics, all our clients know how much it will cost to repair a computer - everything is honest, the cost of work and equipment is announced without additional hidden fees and immediately.

Laptop repair at home or in the workshop?

Yes, we produce Laptop Repair, diagnostics and replacement of modules and components of the laptop.

We carry out repair of laptop motherboards and soldering bridges in service conditions, repairing connectors and plugs, power supplies, replacing matrices, hard drives, DVD / CD ROMs, eliminating overheating problems, replacing keyboards and cases. We also carry out preventive work, for example, cleaning the laptop from dust and replacing thermal paste.

Many of the above works can be done within an hour at our office, some - with the visit of the master to the house in the presence of the owner; some of the more complex ones will take longer.

We try to perform the most difficult laptop repairs within 4-6 days, if you need complex BGA soldering, replacement of bridges and video card chips.