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Setting up Smart TV with a master's visit to your home in Minsk

We provide services for setting up Smart TV, changing the region, unlocking functions and more with a master's visit to your home in the city of Minsk

Setting up Smart TV in Minsk

Smart TV is translated from English as "smart television". And indeed it is. The presence of such a rich functionality in the TV makes it a new generation device. Smart TV is a collaborative interaction of the Internet, television and computer applications.

Television Smart appeared not so long ago, every year more and more improving with the help of applications and add-ons.

Our masters will help you to configure Smart TV and familiarize yourself with the capabilities of a “smart TV”.

Key features of Smart TV:

  1. Unlimited possibilities of watching videos, new films of the film industry, online serials, images via Internet access;
  2. The ability to communicate on the big screen in the social networks "Skype", "Twitter", "VKontakte", etc. even while watching Smart TV;
  3. You can make video calls (if you have a camera) and even display a video intercom on a huge screen;
  4. By synchronizing your mobile devices with Smart TV, you can control your TV using any gadget: type messages, search the Internet, download applications, etc.;
  5. Download your favorite applications and games, weather forecast, exchange rates will be displayed on your big screen, it is also convenient to view mail;
  6. Smart TV has a recording function. You can record TV broadcasts to an external USB storage device, pause, rewind, and resume watching.

Smart TV advantages:

  • Price. Use all the possibilities of connecting to the information environment - the Internet. Having paid once for the Internet, watching movies and broadcasts, video calls and communication on social networks, they are free of charge.
  • Convenience. The use of modern achievements allows you to keep up with the times.

Basic requirements for setting up and connecting Smart TV for TV

In order to connect and configure Smart TV, you must have:

  1. TV with support for Smart TV (Smart TV);
  2. Internet access in your apartment;
  3. experience in setting up Smart TV.

You can also order a service for connecting Smart TV on any TV in Minsk (including unlocking the region). Our service specialists provide this service with a home visit and a guarantee.

Ways to connect Smart TV

Connecting Smart TV and the ability to work via the Internet is possible in two ways:

  1. Via Wi-Fi if the TV has a built-in adapter or supports the Wi-Fi setup function.
  2. Through a cable to the Ethernet port of the TV.

For TVs bought overseas, it may be necessary to change the region using the service remote. We can also help you with this.

Specialists of our computer service will quickly and inexpensively set up Smart TV, help in mastering the functions of a TV (Samsung, LG, Sony, Panasonic, etc.).

If you have any difficulties with setting up Smart TV - call our company. We will be happy to help you set up and connect all the functions of this technology promptly with a master's visit to your home.