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Ambulance computer help at home in Minsk

Our company provides a service: professional computer assistance in Minsk. We guarantee efficiency, low price and quality of service

Computer help in Minsk.

We will provide a high-quality ambulance computer help Your computer, laptop, netbook, tablet for any operating system and configuration in the city of Minsk. Our experienced craftsmen are ready to go home to the customer and troubleshoot computer devices operating under Windows Xp, 7, 8, Android operating systems, configure peripheral devices: printers, scanners, MFPs, connect wireless Internet.

The range of reliable services provided by our company in Minsk is wide and versatile

Want to know why Windows won't install on your laptop? No problem, our masters solve such problems every day.

Are there constant disconnections when working on the Internet, the speed suddenly drops, sometimes sites do not load on Wi-Fi devices, with a working connection and paid traffic? It doesn't matter either, one visit of our specialist will return the correct operation of the global network and the stability of the connection in wireless networks.


Вот лишь некоторые из наиболее востребованных услуг по скорой компьютерной помощи. Если Вы не нашли описание компьютерной проблемы в данном списке – не беда. Мы с радостью поможем быстро устранить любые сбои компьютера или ноутбука и недорого восстановить его прежнюю работоспособность и производительность.

Computer repair at home and everything that is directly or indirectly related to this:

Ambulance computer help.
  • installation of windows operating systems for laptops, computers, tablets and their various hybrids;
  • setting up and installing software;
  • installation of a reliable antivirus at home;
  • copying data;
  • redistribution of disk space (with a small drive C: /);
  • решение проблем с зависанием ПО и появлением “синих экранов” (bsod);
  • removal of viruses;
  • free computer diagnostics at home;
  • replacement of components;
  • апгрейд – наращивание мощности;
  • Wi-Fi setup networks;
  • much more.

In this way, ambulance computer help in Minsk – помощь в решении целого спектра проблем для жителей столицы в компьютерной области.