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Computer diagnostics in Minsk

We carry out professional computer diagnostics with the departure of the master at home or office

Computer diagnostics at home in Minsk

If there is a breakdown in the computer, the user wants to get the most specific answers to some important questions:

  • What exactly (what part) is broken in the computer?
  • What is the cost of fixing this problem?
  • Fix it yourself, or use a computer service?
  • Where and how to find a good service that will not deceive you and will give you a long-term guarantee?

In real life, sometimes there are no clear answers to such questions! But over time, professional diagnostics performed by an experienced technician will help fill in all the information gaps. If we take into account the fact that home-based diagnostics in Minsk free of charge for subsequent repairs — this is an ideal solution for problems with a personal computer.

Computer Diagnostics and Repair Prices

ServicePrice, BYN
Computer diagnostics0 rub
Saving user information0 rub
Departure of the master at home0 rub
Computer assistance in the workshop20 rubles
Installing Windows OS with the full software package25 rubles
Repair and replacement of the power supply unit30 rubles
Repair and replacement of the motherboard35 rubles
Repair and replacement of hard disk HDD (SSD)30 rubles
Restore computer informationfrom 10 rubles
Cleaning from viruses 0 rub

Why is home PC diagnostics the right solution?

  • First, you will still have to fix a damaged computer. The question is: how much effort, time and money will this procedure take if performed independently, when contacting a "familiar master" and in a professional workshop?
  • Secondly, home-based diagnostics quickly decide the fate of further repairs: to eliminate a breakdown, you need to know exactly what is out of order and how much the repair will cost.
  • Third, sometimes the breakdown is insignificant, it is solved by the master right at your home "in front of your eyes". In this case, the diagnosis and computer repair at home, it will be the perfect time and the most profitable solution of all possible.
  • Fourth, during subsequent repairs, diagnostics are completely free of charge!
  • Fifth. Even if the subsequent repair did not suit the cost or for some reason you refused to repair, paying for diagnostics to our master, the family budget will not suffer from this — prices in our service "do not bite". And the costs will be recouped by high-quality service: prompt departure, courtesy of the masters, efficient consultations.

In the future, having an idea of the nature of the breakdown, it will be much easier to repair it, knowing:

  1. current configuration of your hardware;
  2. cost of modules and specialist work to make the right decision;
  3. cause of occurrence, to prevent this from happening in the future;

Let all your computers work reliably and smoothly! There is a need set up a wireless Wi-Fi network, install the Windows 7 operating system or 8 — call. Our company will be happy to help you solve these problems when visiting your home or office.