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Cleaning a laptop from dust in Minsk

Effective cleaning of laptop from dust and replacement of thermal paste. Prompt departure of the master to any point in Minsk. Low price

We clean the laptop from dust professionally

In order to prevent overheating, increased noise, eliminate spontaneous shutdowns, we suggest cleaning the laptop from dust with the replacement of thermal paste. Qualified masters of our service will carry out preventive measures with a visit to your home or in our workshop within a few hours from the moment of contact.

We guarantee a prompt home visit, careful disassembly and assembly of your device in your presence, accurate cleaning and a thorough check of efficiency.

Cleaning the laptop from dust and replacing thermal paste is necessary if:

  • the laptop makes a lot of noise and heats up during operation: watching videos, surfing the Internet;
  • the keyboard and the case are noticeably heated, provided that this has not been observed before;
  • software and Windows operating system slows down;
  • errors often appear in browsers and other applications, programs do not respond;
  • the laptop began to shut down spontaneously.

Cleaning the laptop from dust can be carried out without loss of quality both in our workshop and at the customer's home. We guarantee the professionalism of our masters at every stage of this preventive procedure.


Stages of cleaning a laptop from dust:

  1. disassembling the laptop case to gain access to the cooling system;
  2. direct cleaning from dust, replacement of thermal paste, worn thermal pads (if any);
  3. assessment of the cooler's wear and lubrication (it may need to be replaced);
  4. assembly and stress testing (running a stress test for overheating resistance).

As a result: everything should work, and the laptop should stop heating up a lot. In our service compliance with the regulations is guaranteed when carrying out work of this type.

Cleaning a laptop from dust price

Type of workPrice, BYN
Departure of the master at home, officeis free
Testing a laptop for overheatingis free
Cleaning the laptop from dust without removing the laptop motherboard25
Cleaning the laptop from dust by removing the laptop motherboard30
Diagnostics of the efficiency of the cooling systemis free

Желаете получить большую скидку на чистку ноутбука от пыли – привозите ноутбук к нам в мастерскую! The savings will be 5 BYN from the price indicated on the website.

Why is it better to entrust laptop cleaning to experienced craftsmen?

When carrying out preventive work, it must be borne in mind that:

  1. материнская плата ноутбука “боится” электростатического заряда. Неловкое движение, и, электростатика может вывести компоненты на материнской плате ноутбука из строя – потребуется дорогостоящий laptop repair... Not to mention that without proper experience, you can chip off an element on a printed circuit board, cause a chip of a processor or video chip to chip;
  2. there is a possibility of spoiling the connectors and cables of the keyboard, touchpad, speaker connectors. Many modern laptops have very fragile connectors. It is very easy to damage such parts;
  3. you must be able to fix and clamp the cooler of the cooling system. In this way, correct and complete contact with the radiator cooling heel is prevented.

What can happen if you don't clean your laptop from dust in time?

  • All overheating is characterized by the following chronology. During the operation of the laptop, under load, the chip will peel off from the substrate or the substrate of the processor from the motherboard. This, in turn, will lead to costly repairs and re-soldering of the north bridge. Therefore, cleaning the laptop from dust has always been considered a preventive measure, because real repairs may lie ahead.

Laptop overheating, what should I do?

At the first sign of laptop overheating, it is best to immediately start taking action as soon as possible to eliminate the cause of the rise in temperature. It is recommended to immediately clean the laptop heatsink from foreign objects, dust and replace the thermal paste.
Если этого требуют конструктивные особенности системы охлаждения, необходимо также заменить термопрокладки на чипах. В качестве контрольной меры, необходима проверка эффективности – стресс-тест.

Диагностика ноутбука под нагрузкой, создаваемой специальной утилитой – лучший способ проверить эффективность чистки для конкретного ноутбука.

Профессиональный ремонт ноутбуков и компьютеров – наш любимая работа. Звоните, будем рады помочь!