Computer repair with a visit to your home, office in Minsk

Внимание! С начала 2021 наша компания не оказывает услуги по ремонту компьютеров и ноутбуков с выездом на дом. Просим прощение за оказанные неудобства. В качестве рекомендации можем посоветовать отличный сервис по ремонту компьютеров в городе Минске — это компания Hpc.by.

Computer repair in Minsk. F6.BY service

Professional workshop for the repair of computers and laptops with a visit to your home or office. Payment only for a positive result of work. Guarantee for all services of the service

Do you need a serious professional approach? You have come to the right place - we will be happy to help you! Since 2011, our company has been carrying out component repair of PCs, repair of laptops, tablets, smartphones. We carry out free diagnostics, repair and replace faulty modules: motherboards; processors; random access memory; monitors; Power supplies. We install Windows OS, configure professional programs, configure the Internet and Ethernet and Wi-Fi networks.

We work daily from 9 am to 7 pm in Minsk and Minsk region. Computer service F6.by provides a guarantee for all services and components from one month to a year. Our craftsmen have sufficient experience and are ready to meet strict requirements for the quality of work performed. Contact us - we will be happy to help!

Computer repair in Minsk at home and in the workshop

  • Free computer diagnostics In workshop.
  • Free visit of the master to your home or office to carry out work during subsequent repairs.
  • Component and modular laptop repair in a short time.
  • Urgent computer assistance for individuals and organizations.
  • Repair and replacement of power supplies (POWER SUPPLY), motherboards (MATHERBOARD), video cards, random access memory (RAM), computer cooling systems, hard disk drives (HDD), optical drives (CD / DVD ROM), system unit cases (BOX), controllers (expansion modules), sound cards and TV tuners;
  • Modular computer repair with replacement of components at the most democratic prices in the city of Minsk;
  • Installing and configuring software. Including: Windows installation, MS Office, Client-Bank, Electronic declaration;
  • Saving and restoring lost information;
  • Wi-Fi wireless network settings (any of the most complex network topology)

Our prices for computer repair

ServicePrice, BYN
Computer diagnostics0 rub
Saving user information0 rub
Departure of the master at home0 rub
Computer assistance in the workshop20 rubles
Installing Windows OS with the full software package25 rubles
Repair and replacement of the power supply unit30 rubles
Repair and replacement of the motherboard35 rubles
Repair and replacement of hard disk HDD (SSD)30 rubles
Restore computer informationfrom 10 rubles
Cleaning from viruses 0 rub

Reliable repair of computers and laptops with a master visit to your home, office

We do at home

Our masters do not take laptops and computer system units to the workshop unnecessarily, which significantly speeds up computer repair, makes the repair process as transparent as possible, and allows us to offer really low prices. The customer sees what is changing and what the money is being paid for.

Payment for the result

Our customers pay only for a positive result of repair or customization of the computer. There is no need to pay only for the “fact” of work or the “departure” of the master to the house in the absence of a positive result. We offer reliable turnkey repair of computer equipment.

Warranty from 1 month

Warranty for all computer repair and customization services. When the computer is repaired, a proprietary warranty is issued. A guarantee, in the form of an act of completion with an oval seal of the company, is provided for all types of services and components produced.